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Automated coating production line

Design tenet - standing on the customer's stand
♦ Select reliable, advanced, high-level coating processes, coating materials and highly automated coating equipment.
♦ Replace environmentally friendly coating materials with traditional coatings.
♦ Improve the effective utilization of resources and energy by adopting high coating efficiency coating method and new energy saving and emission reduction technology.
♦ Comparison of the design of the process design of the paint shop, choose the preferred one. The process layout is scientific and reasonable and the process is lean; the flow of people and logistics is smooth; the production management and equipment maintenance are convenient; the driving rate and effective utilization rate of the conveying equipment and painting equipment are high.
♦ Equipped with perfect environmental protection and fire protection facilities, people-oriented, and a well-located living and office space.
♦ The working environment should be clean and dust-free, and the temperature, humidity and cleanliness should meet the process requirements.
Automated coating line - workshop layout