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Main equipment: pre-treatment equipment, electrophoresis equipment, electrophoresis drying room, cleaning station, preparation station, painting room, drying room, grinding room, spray foaming room, moisture putty drying room, pattern design station , robot spray booth.


Equipped with: pure water equipment, refrigeration equipment, air conditioning equipment, paint mud treatment equipment, paint exhaust gas treatment equipment, drying waste gas treatment equipment, paint transfer system, spray glue system, central dust removal system, high pressure water cleaning equipment, frame type Lifting table, etc.


Technical background of painted products


      With the development of the automobile industry, China is already the country with the largest automobile production volume and the largest consumer market in the world. With the application of new technologies, our automotive industry is developing strongly in the direction of new energy. As the basis and premise of the automotive industry, the technology development of special equipment for automobile manufacturing has become one of the bottlenecks in the development of the automobile industry.

       The automobile manufacturing has four core processes: flushing, welding, painting and final assembly. The automobile coating production line is the largest investment, the highest energy consumption and the pollution in the automobile manufacturing production chain. With the automobile industry in China The rapid development, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and intelligence are the inevitable trend of the development of automotive coating production process equipment.

       In recent years, Nantong Best Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. has independently developed a new generation of high-efficiency, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and intelligent new coating production lines based on technological innovation, product development and accumulation.


The new high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly intelligent automobile coating production line consists of pre-treatment, electrophoresis, painting, drying, station and mechanized transportation.



——Authorized invention patent “a water curtain spray booth”

       Invention patent number: ZL 2013 1 0692139.2

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