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Waste conveyor line introduction

Waste conveyor line introduction

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With the continuous improvement of the level of modern industrial automation, more and more robots are used at the production site to replace humans to complete some mechanical monotonous and repetitive labor tasks. The production process of the production line, which was originally handled by the manual, is automatically completed by the robotic robot. Practice has proved that the application of the robot greatly improves the production efficiency and material placement accuracy, effectively saves the labor cost, improves the production efficiency, and has a very good guarantee of safety. At the same time, it also alleviates the problem of the current labor shortage of the enterprise. At the same time, people think more about how to make production intelligent. With the advancement of technology, the waste generated by the production line can now be fully automated. At present, many production line wastes are manually cleaned and loaded in the chassis. The manual production line needs to be shut down for cleaning. The automatic production line does not stop, but it is extremely unsafe when cleaning. At the same time, manual cleaning of the waste and current waste collection methods make the entire production site seem messy. The waste is scattered all over the place, the site is not clean, and manual removal of waste is bound to stop operations, affecting production efficiency.
The waste conveying line is designed and applied in this case. It is a kind of combined conveying equipment with high adaptability, high efficiency, safety, reliability and flexibility. It is equipped with a chain conveyor to collect the waste of each production line. Or with electromagnetic feeder, waste bin for waste collection, which can further improve the automation of production, achieve the unmanned production area, and greatly improve production efficiency. The waste conveying line generally consists of a branch line, a main line (also called a summary line), a climbing line, a control system, a drive system, and a monitoring system.
Our company's competitive advantage comes from the innovation, safety, perfect design of the technology and the high reliability of the process that the product can guarantee. The efficiency benefits from the best communication between the automation components, from control to drive to monitoring. system.
Our company's waste conveyor line specifications can be designed and produced from an effective width of 800--1600mm and an angle of 20°--35°. The design can be submitted in a very short period of time according to the actual situation of the customer's site, until the customer is satisfied. The annual production capacity is about 150,000 meters.
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