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Transportation introduction

Transportation introduction

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Equipment overview
In the industrial coating field of the production line, the conveyor system is the lifeblood of the coating production, especially in the modern automobile body painting workshop, it is the most important key equipment, which runs through the whole process of painting production. The conveyor system not only completes the task of transporting the body, hangs and stores, but also enables the coating process requirements such as pre-treatment, electrophoresis, drying, gluing, automatic spraying, intermediate coating and topcoating, refinishing and wax spraying. Process requirements for each process (such as program movement, lifting, variable pitch and shifting, etc.), can also be equipped with a removable data storage to identify the paint body model, color, identification of scrap, automatic counting, according to given instructions To achieve the automation of the coating line for production and so on.
The conveying equipment commonly used in the painting workshop can be divided into an overhead conveying system and a ground conveying system.

1、Overhead conveyor system

Common overhead transports include:
Pendulum transport (main), accumulation suspension transport, air friction transport, self-hoist transport

U-shaped pendulum transport

Accumulative suspension conveyor

Self-propelled hoist


2、Ground conveyor system

Common ground transportation includes:
Slippery transport (main), reverse accumulation transport, friction drive transport...


Slippery conveyor system

Reverse accumulation conveyor system


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