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Painting introduction

Painting introduction

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Equipment Overview (Venturi)

The painting system provided by the company is mainly venturi type. It is a combination of spray booth, air supply unit, paint circulation system, automatic spraying equipment, piping and control devices. Mainly have the following advantages:
Modular car spray booth structure;
Paint mist capture efficiency of more than 95%;
Water-based paint equipment, 3C1B process equipment, and free-flowing process circulating air spray system.

NO.1 Spray paint outside

No.2 Spray paint interior


1、Dry spray booth


The dry spray booth provided by the company adopts the form of air suction under the upper air supply. The overall structure is shown in the figure. The equipment mainly consists of the spray booth main equipment, circulating air system, filtration system and paint mist capture system (filter carton). , process equipment control system and other components.


The dry spray booth uses a circulating air system to control the wind balance in the paint booth. The carton filter + bag filter is used.


2、Paint mud treatment system (Venturi type)



working principle:
The circulating water tank collects the paint residue, and the pump extracts the mixture of the paint residue and the water from the gathering place of the paint residue, sends it to the scraping tank, the paint residue floats up, the scraper scrapes off the paint residue on the upper surface, and the clean water is sent back to the circulation. sink. Cycling


3、Robot system

The robot is flexible and can be sprayed on the outer and inner surfaces. It can be mixed and sprayed in various models to improve the spraying quality and material utilization rate. It is easy to operate and maintain. It can be programmed offline, which greatly shortens the on-site debugging time. The equipment utilization rate is high, and the spraying robot Utilization rate can reach 90%-95%

4、 transfer paint system

The centralized paint transfer system is a network of pipes consisting of various components and transfer lines. It not only ensures the delivery of paint at an appropriate pressure and flow rate, but also controls the temperature characteristics of the paint.
Its main components include: paint tanks, circulation tanks, transfer pumps, regulators, filters, regulators and temperature control systems.


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