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Drying introduction

Drying introduction

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Equipment overview


The shape of the drying chamber should be determined to save energy, reduce the temperature difference in the effective drying area of the drying room, reduce the floor space, save the materials of the equipment, facilitate the installation and transportation of the equipment, and ensure the equipment layout needs. The possibility of equipment reconstruction and expansion in the future.


1、TNV waste gas incineration heating system

The exhaust gas incineration drying furnace system mainly includes an exhaust gas incinerator system, a drying furnace circulating air heat exchange unit, and a fresh air heat exchange unit.


Exhaust gas incinerator


TNV waste gas incineration heating system


Exhaust gas incineration system

                    Exhaust fan

Flue gas heat exchanger


                     Waste heat utilization device



2、Partition independent heating system


Partitioned independent heating devices, also known as hot blast stoves, each have a combustion system that does not require external heating;


3、Runner system

Due to the low concentration of paint exhaust gas, more than 90~95% of VOCs are adsorbed in the runner by the method of zeolite runner concentration, and the air volume to be treated is reduced by small air volume desorption to increase the concentration;
The high-volume exhaust gas is pretreated to remove the paint mist from the exhaust gas, and is discharged to the runner through the fan. The VOC in a part of the exhaust gas is adsorbed by the molecular sieve of the runner (the adsorption efficiency is 90-95%), and the purified gas is discharged through the chimney. , high concentration of exhaust gas enters RTO incineration;



4、RTO regenerative incinerator

RTO equipment can heat the spray chamber or drying room exhaust gas to the oxidation temperature, so that the VOC is oxidized and decomposed into harmless CO2 and H2O;
▪ Treatment target: malodorous waste gas, organic waste gas, painted paint exhaust gas
▪ Processing capacity range: 5000~180000Nm3/h
▪ Processing efficiency: 99.99% for three rooms and 96% for two rooms.



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