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Pretreatment electrophoresis introduction

Pretreatment electrophoresis introduction

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Equipment overview


Design Principles
♦ Compact equipment
♦ Reduce energy consumption
♦ Equipment automation
♦ Water saving technology
♦ Optimized delivery method


1、Phosphating system

Self-cleaning system
Overflow energy saving
Automatic dosing control
Centralized monitoring
Full immersion spray process

2、Phosphating slag removal system

Plate and frame filter press: plate and frame filter press is a commonly used phosphating and slag removal device. The filter plate and the filter frame are alternately arranged. The slag-containing liquid enters the filter frame, and the slag liquid penetrates the filter cloth and is grooved along the filter plate. Discharged from the lower tube, the filtered slag is intercepted in the filter frame to form a filter cake. After the collection is completed, the filter frame is taken out and the filter cake is removed.



3、Pure water system

Pure water system process:
Original water tank → original water pump → multi-media filter → activated carbon filter → scale inhibitor → precision filter → first-stage high-pressure pump → reverse osmosis → two-stage high-pressure pump → two-stage reverse osmosis → pure water tank → pure water pump → ultraviolet sterilization → sterilization filter → water point


4、Ultrafiltration system

The main function of the ultrafiltration system:
① Recycling of electrophoretic coatings, when using ultrafiltration system, because the electrophoretic coating adhered to the coated object can be thoroughly washed and washed with ultrafiltration through the cleaning solution, the recovery efficiency can be as high as 95% or more.。

② The control of the electrophoresis tank, the conductivity of the bath in the electrophoresis tank and the impurity ion content can be effectively controlled by the discharge of the ultrafiltrate to ensure the quality of the electrophoretic coating film.



5、anode system

The composition of the anode system:
number of electrodes
ion selective membrane
③ anolyte tank, pump and piping
④ Conduction control system
⑤deionized water system

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