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Nantong BST Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in Baidian Town, Hai'an City. It is mainly engaged in R&D, design, manufacture and installation of special equipment for automobile manufacturing. The products involve coating production line, mechanized conveying equipment and electric control cabinet. The professional manufacturer of standard equipment design and manufacturing and system integration. Registered capital of 60 million yuan, more than 300 employees, construction area of ​​40,000 square meters, completed invoice sales of 240 million yuan in 2018, taxation of more than 10 million yuan, is a national high-tech enterprises, private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province, Hai'an County Strong business.
We have advanced production and processing equipment such as CNC laser cutting, CNC plasma cutting, turret multi-station CNC punching machine, welding robot, etc., with exquisite manufacturing technology and superior product quality. The company's management system is sound and perfect, and has achieved ISO9001 quality system certification. The low-voltage switchgear has passed the compulsory certification of “CCC” (3C) products, and the cabinets have passed the “CQC” product voluntary certification. The “Best” brand automobile coating equipment and mechanized logistics conveying equipment produced by the company were recognized as famous brand products of Nantong City.
We regard technological innovation, process innovation and product research and development as the priority of enterprise transformation and upgrading. We have established Nantong Enterprise Technology Center, Jiangsu Province Automobile Flexible Manufacturing Assembly Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center, and major mechanical design institutes and universities. Established a long-term technical cooperation relationship, built the "Best" industry brand, providing hundreds of painting production lines and conveying assembly equipment for domestic and foreign users. In the construction of the talent team, the company forms a mature path of recruitment, training, management and service, and implements the "party member tutor" system, forming a three-dimensional talent team with high-level scientific and technological leadership, middle-level technical backbone, and young technical experts.
Based on scientific and technological innovation and independent research and development, we have more than 20 patents and a number of computer software copyrights. Four of them have been identified as high-tech products in Jiangsu Province. They have won six Nantong Science and Technology Progress Awards and undertaken provincial science and technology projects. The 4 items of the project are 3A (AAA) enterprises in Jiangsu Province.
In recent years, we have adhered to the policy of “sustainable development, steady growth, and moderate expansion”, implemented the strategy of “equal process, marginal expansion”, closely linked to the core of sheet metal manufacturing and component production, and vigorously invested in advanced production and processing equipment and technology. Means to deal with the current situation of labor shortage, clear the tactical idea of ​​"machine substitution", first, adopt advanced three-dimensional design, carry out three-dimensional simulation and verification on the computer before the drawings are delivered to improve the correctness and accuracy of the design; It adopts advanced manufacturing equipment, 2 sets of multi-dimensional welding robots produced by Matsushita of Japan, which improves the welding speed and efficiency of mass production; the laser cutting machine produced by Germany Express, which is the world's advanced laser cutting machine, which is produced by the company. The laser cutting machine, which is currently a long-time cutting laser cutting machine, the application of the laser cutting machine greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the waiting time between the processes; the multi-station turret punch press produced by Murata, Japan And 50T CNC punching machine produced by Yangzhou Jinfangyuan; CNC fine plasma flame cutting machine, high speed cutting machine, multi-function A combination of cuts and other equipment, the use of advanced equipment put into operation, the company's production development has made a great contribution.
Our customers are located in more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide. Jianghuai Automobile, Dongfeng Motor, Shanghai Volkswagen, Ford Motor, Chery Automobile, Guangzhou Toyota and many other automobile manufacturers are our customers, with an annual production capacity of more than 500 million yuan.
Adhering to the corporate culture of “Zhilian development, continuous innovation, and hard work”, the company adheres to the corporate philosophy of “Honesty and trustworthiness, mutual benefit and common development”, accelerates the pace of introducing world advanced technology, and increases investment in technological transformation equipment. , humbly learn from peers and build a benchmark for Chinese automotive equipment manufacturing.